CB Clutch and Brake

CB element assembly is designed and manufactured to provide dependable clutch or brake service in a multitude of industrial applications. It is suited to high speed, cyclic operations, as well as for coupling and general power transmission. CB element assemblies are available for drum diameters from four inches through 45 inches.

Technical Parameter

SizeTorque RatingMaximum SpeedWeightFriction AreaAir Tube CavityMinimum Drum Diameter
3CB150 40.720000.890.30.1274
4CB200 11320001.1148.40.1799
5CB200 16520001.6193.50.28124
6CB200 23118003.2232.20.32150
8CB250 48518004.1393.50.49201
10CB300 92118008.6587.00.82251
12CB350 Single Flange1500180012825.61.31302
12CB350 Double Flange14701800148261.31302
14CB400 Single Flange22301800141096.51.15353
14CB400 Double Flange223018001610971.15353
16CB500 398015503415542.30403
18CB500 497014003716902.62454
20CB500 606013004018582.79505
22CB500 704012504320123.12555
24CB500 848012004621803.28606
26CB525 1040011006026064.26656
28CB525 1200010006327744.59706
30CB525 137009506729544.76757
32CB525 155009007131155.08808
36CB525 194008008135485.74910
40CB525 238007509139356.231011
45CB525 2940067011943547.051137
 SIN . mrpmkgcm2dm3mm
@ 5.2bar