Rubflex Pneumatic Clutch LT600*250 Friction Shoe Assembly

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Type:LT/Type FK

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Common Pneumatic Clutch

Ventilated Pneumatic Clutch

Pneumatic clutch is a friction clutch with compressed air as the control power source.Generally used in the need to transfer large torque and rotating direction at a fast speed of the equipment, such as oil drilling machinery, ships, paper, mining, large mechanical presses, excavators, rubber and plastic machinery.
Pneumatic clutch has large transmission torque, stable engagement, easy to install, vibration absorbing, and can compensate a small amount of angular and radial relative offset of the main and driven axes. The driven part has small inertia, long service life, compact structure and good sealing.However, the deformation resistance of the pneumatic tube is large, the material cost of the pneumatic tube is high, the use temperature is limited, more than 60℃ will reduce the life of the pneumatic tube, lower than -20℃ easy to make the pneumatic tube brittle.
Pneumatic clutch joint components mainly use friction plate, friction shoe and so on.The pneumatic clutch is composed of rim,brake shoe, friction plate, torque bar, release spring and rubber air tube.The working process of the pneumatic clutch is realized by the pneumatic tyre charging and discharging. The pneumatic tyre is the key part of the pneumatic clutch.The rubber air tube is vulcanized by the outer rubber layer, the inner rubber layer, and the curtain cloth layer.

Rubber Air Tube

Friction Plate



Side Plate

Rubber Air Tube

Friction Shoe

Frictin Lining

Torque Bar and Spring


Common Pneumatic Clutch

Ventilated Pneumatic Clutch


1.Oil&Gas&Water Drilling Systems(Drawworks,Offshore Pipe Laying,Mooring Systems,Sand Reel)
3.Marine(Anchor Winch/Windlass,Dredges,Pipe Laying Equipment)
4.Pulp&Paper(Conveyors, Converters, Rewind Stand,Unwind Stand)
5.Metalworking(Rewind Stands,Roller Leveler,Slitters,Unwind Stands)

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